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September 21, 2019

Detecting and Geolocating Jammers and Spoofers Using Integrated AOA and TDOA Measurements

by Joon Wayn Cheong, Andrew G. Dempster, Joe Fleming, Ming Zhu & Graeme Hooper

Due to the proliferation of personal privacy devices and other jamming sources, it is imperative for safety-critical GNSS users such as airports and marine ports to be situationally aware of local GNSS interference. This article proposes and validates an enhanced method for geolocating GNSS interference sources so that jammers and spoofers can be found and disabled.

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By Inside GNSS
January 17, 2019

Geolocation Data Could Get Privacy Protection Under New ADD Act

New legislation aiming to protect the privacy of internet and phone users could shield not just their browsing and buying habits but their location information as well.

The American Data Dissemination (ADD) Act, introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio on January 16, covers service providers that use the internet and “collect records” — a very broad definition. The Act will also be enforced against common carriers — that is telecommunications companies.

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By Dee Ann Divis
January 10, 2019

Webinar on GNSS Jamming and Crowd Sourcing Detection and GeoLocation Held Jan. 22

Smartphones are seemingly omnipresent in our everyday lives. But new usage suggests that these mighty miniature devices can utilize crowd sourcing to defeat GPS jamming. For the latest on this critical topic, make sure to register for this 90-minute webinar on January 22 that will explore and compare the potential and current limitations of using smartphone density, ease of deployment and signal utility against the capabilities of dedicated networks.

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