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October 23, 2018

SDX 18.10 Now Available From Skydel

Skydel Solutions’ SDX 18.10, a new version of the company’s GNSS simulator that features improvements to receiver antenna management and a new advanced jammer type, is now available.

Starting with this SDX update is an upgraded paradigm for managing receiver antennas: SDX now supports the management of multiple vehicle antennas within a single scenario. Antennas can now be defined, named, and exported as antenna files that can be re-imported back into other scenarios. This handy feature will speed up antenna reuse and multi-scenario workflows for users managing numerous antenna models in GNSS simulation scenarios.

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By Inside GNSS
October 18, 2018

GPS Hackers Could Send Weapons to Wrong Target – GAO Report

A recent General Accountability Office (GAO) report is highly critical of the cyber security, or lack thereof, in U.S. weapons systems. One of the examples of cyber-attacks it lists is GPS spoofing.

The report, published this month, goes on to say:

“…weapon systems are dependent on external systems, such as positioning and navigation systems and command and control systems in order to carry out their missions—and their missions can be compromised by attacks on those other systems. A successful attack on one of the systems the weapon depends on can potentially limit the weapon’s effectiveness, prevent it from achieving its mission, or even cause physical damage and loss of life.”

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October 4, 2018

Protecting GNSS and Users – The Ideal APNT

According to the European Commission “…GNSS cannot be the sole means of PNT information … for critical applications requiring continuous availability and fail-safe operations.”

Similar realizations in the United States, United, Kingdom, South Korea and elsewhere have led to a revitalization of efforts to examine Alternative Positioning, Navigation and Timing (APNT) systems that could complement and reinforce our exceptionally valuable, yet vulnerable, GNSS signals.

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By Dana A. Goward
August 24, 2018

UrsaNav Awarded Contract to Supply eLoran Transmitter Test Bed System in the Republic of Korea

The Korea Research Institute of Ships and Oceans Engineering (KRISO) has awarded UrsaNav, through its agent, Dong Kang M-Tech, a contract to supply an eLoran Transmitter TestBed System in the Republic of Korea. UrsaNav, the exclusive, worldwide distributor of Nautel’s NL Series transmitters, will provide eLoran transmitter technology, as well as timing and control equipment.

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September 19, 2017

A Fresh Look at GNSS Anti-Jamming


GNSS is the technology of choice in most applications due to its dedicated infrastructure, Earth coverage, medium to high accuracy, and large market penetration. Most of the applications, including those we download on our smartphones, are in the category of Location Based Services (LBS). However, there are many other services and businesses that rely heavily on GNSS performance and reliability. For instance, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) make extensive use of GNSS technology and this dependence will only grow in the future.

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September 15, 2017

Skydel Releases SDX 17.8 Featuring Advanced Jamming Option

Skydel Solutions will demonstrate its SDX 17.8 software-defined GNSS simulator at ION GNSS+ 2017. Photo: Skydel Solutions.

Montreal, Quebec-based Skydel Solutions has released SDX 17.8 software-defined GNSS simulator just in time for ION GNSS+. SDX users now get a host of improvements, according to the company. The 17.8 release menu features, among other things: Gaussian noise, spectrum view and GUI improvements, as well as Advanced Jamming.

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