Advanced Receiver Processing of GNSS Signals: NavtechGPS

European Space Agency’s ESTEC in Noordwijk
European Space Agency’s ESTEC in Noordwijk

Dr. John Betz will be teaching “Using Advanced GNSS Signals and Systems” (Course 541) at ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, October 23-26, 2017. This intensive and unique NavtechGPS course enables attendees to achieve proficiency, not merely familiarity, with the essential aspects of using GPS/GNSS signals and systems.

This course addresses current and future GPS signals and drills deep into the details from other satellite-based positioning and timing systems. Receiver processing techniques are described along with ways to characterize performance. Review problems, worked in class, help students understand and apply critical concepts to take advantage of signals from multiple systems. For more information, contact Carolyn McDonald at

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