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Inside GNSS subscriptions are available to those who work in GNSS-related organizations at a certain level of responsibility.

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U.S. Military subscribers: Service units will not forward magazines to a new address — even if your office is moving to a new site on the same base. Please be sure to fill out the change of address form each time you change offices, or subscribe using a private address.

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6. GPS/GNSS form factors and services

Which of the following do you purchase, specify, or recommend? (Check all that apply.)
Antennas Chipsets Contract Manufacturing Enclosures End User Products/Systems incorporating GPS/GNSS Engineering Services GNSS System Infrastructure (space and ground) Elements GNSS-related Hardware (other than GNSS receivers and components) GNSS-related Software IP Licensing Modules PC Boards/Cards PCMCIA GPS/GNSS Receivers Real-Time Differential GNSS Service Receiver Components (RFICs, DSPs, oscillators, crystals, filters, PLIs, etc.) Simulators/Signal Generators Technical Training/Education Other None of the above

7. Sensors and Technologies

Which of the following do you purchase, specify, or recommend for integration with GPS/GNSS? (Check all that apply.)
Antijam/Interference Suppression Cameras/Video Systems Dataloggers Differential GPS/GNSS Datalinks Inertial Measurement Units Internet Products/Services (IP addressable) RF-Based Positioning & Navigation (Loran-C, telecom-network-based, etc.) OEM PCs Other Non-RF-Based Positioning & Navigation Technologies
      (digital compasses, magnetic sensors, RFID, etc.)
Other Sensors (temperature, door opening, etc.) Wireless Communications None of the above Other (please list):

8. GPS/GNSS-related software

Which of the following kinds of software do you purchase, specify, or recommend? (Check all that apply.)
Coordinate Conversion Data Collection Geodetic/Survey GIS/LIS/Mapping Internet-Based Applications Mission Planning Navigation/Route Guidance Orbit Analysis & Simulation Product Design & Development Tools System Performance Analysis Tracking Other None of the above

9. GPS/GNSS applications

For which applications do you design, specify, or select GPS/GNSS-related products? (Check all that apply.)
Agriculture Automated Machine Control Automotive Aviation Civil Engineering/Construction Communications Military Other Transportation Recreation Surveying & Mapping Timing Tracking - people Tracking - vehicles/cargo/mobile assets None of the above Other (please specify):

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