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International Conference on Localization and GNSS (ICL-GNSS 2017)

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Nottingham, UK

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Reliable navigation and positioning are becoming imperative in more and more applications for safety-critical purposes, public services and consumer products. A robust localization solution, which will be available continuously is needed regardless of the specific environment, i.e., outdoors and indoors, and on different platforms such as stand-alone navigators and mobile devices.

The 7th edition of International Conference on Localization and GNSS addresses the latest research on wireless and satellite-based positioning techniques to provide reliable and accurate position information with low latency. The emphasis is on the design of mass-market navigation receivers and related tools and methodologies.

The scope includes (but is not limited to) the following topics:
•  Antennas and RF front-end for GNSS receivers
•  Design, prototyping and testing of positioning devices
•  Acquisition, tracking and navigation algorithms
•  Detection and mitigation techniques for adverse propagation conditions
•  Wireless and sensor-based localization
•  GNSS applications for remote sensing, ionospheric sounding and space weather
•  Precise timing for GNSS and terrestrial systems
•  Security and privacy in joint communication and navigation systems
•  Authentication and privacy aspects of positioning
•  Spoofing countermeasures
•  Cooperative and peer-to-peer positioning
•  Positioning based on signals-of-opportunity
•  Multi-GNSS receivers and emerging navigation satellite systems
•  Indoor positioning and localization in densely populated urban areas
•  Hybrid NAV/COM positioning
•  Cognitive positioning architectures
•  Positioning for autonomous systems (robots, planes, land and marine vehicles)
•  Crowd-sourced and swarm localisation
•  Location-based mobility models, services and applications

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