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Vectron Adds Furuno GNSS Timing Products to its Timing Product Portfolio

FridayPost.pngVectron International will provide Furuno’s GNSS  receivers and timing modules in North America.
April 7, 2017

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Vectron International today (April 6) announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Furuno to provide Furuno’s GNSS  receivers and timing modules in North America.

“Vectron is excited to be partnering with Furuno,” said Dave Bail, general manager of Vectron’s Precision Oscillator Products group. “We have been utilizing Furuno’s Opus 7 timing receivers in Vectron’s GNSS disciplined oscillator modules since 2014. Our design teams chose the OPUS 7 because it was the most precise and cost effective GNSS timing receiver available on the market.”

By adding Furuno receivers and modules directly to their portfolio, Vectron can now offer customers either the fully integrated Vectron GNSS disciplined oscillator module, or the critical building blocks for a GNSS disciplined timing system, which consist of a Vectron oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) and the Furuno GNSS receiver.

“Customers can rely on Vectron to direct them to the best design approach based on time to market, pricing, available board space, and available board-level processing power,” Bail added. “And with the ability to track multiple GNSS constellations now in orbit, signal reception and jamming resistance is greatly improved over GPS-only solutions. All receivers are shipped GPS, QZSS and GLONASS enabled with a future firmware update planned for Galileo compatibility.”

Furuno’s Opus timing receivers are capable of providing timing accuracy better than 15 nanoseconds (ns) root mean square (RMS) compared to UTC time (coordinated universal time) and only need to track one satellite in position hold mode to provide accurate timing, according to the company. Built in TRAIM, anti-jamming, and advanced multipath mitigation are designed to ensure signal reception in challenging environments where traditional receivers falter. Furuno’s GT series modules are a complete, standalone GNSS timing receiver module with an onboard Flash, SAW filter, 26 megahertz TCXO, and 32 kilohertz XO.

“We have partnered with Vectron to penetrate the GNSS timing market in North America due to their extensive sales channels and strong technical expertise. We believe Furuno’s products combined with Vectron’s long standing customer relationships in the telecommunications and industrial markets offer customers the leading choice in GNSS timing products in the market,” remarked Tatsuyuki Okamoto, director of GNSS positioning and timing solution at Furuno.

Vectron, a Knowles Company, also offers OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, VCSOs, XOs, SAW Filter and jitter attenuators that offer low phase noise and ultra-low jitter timing solutions.

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