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Foxcom Offering New GPS/GNSS Optical Repeater Solutions

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April 4, 2017

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Foxcom’s GPS/GNSS Optical Repeater Solution for retransmitting GPS/GNSS signals indoors provides seamless coverage inside a hangar or a large facility enabling the testing of navigational systems.

The Repeater Kit consists of an Outdoor Unit (ODU), an Indoor Unit (IDU), antennas, cables and a power supply (PS). Using top RF-Noise performance and a unique indoor directional RHCP antenna, the system provides better coverage, consumes less power and adds less distortion than compatible systems, according to the company.

The fiber optic line between the indoor and outdoor units enables remote and flexible placement of outdoor antennas. Users can enjoy the many benefits that optical fiber offers, such as low RF transmission loss, improved signal quality, lightning protection, safety and ease of installation.

Following the successful launch of the company's Iridium repeater solutions, Foxcom is now aiming to position itself as a leading supplier of advanced GPS/GNSS repeater solutions worldwide. The company's new range of repeaters have been designed to cover a wide range of commercial and military applications such as:
• Aircraft Hangars
• Time Distribution in Data Centers
• GPS Distribution in Tunnels
• Police/Fire Stations
• Manufacturing and Test Facilities

GPS L1 and GLONASS signals are also passed through the repeater to the interior space. This means that satellite navigation devices will always receive a signal when indoors, eliminating any satellite acquisition delay when leaving the building. Foxcom, with corporate headquarters in Beit Shemesh, Israel and a U.S. sales office in Smithfield, North Carolina, is offering a choice of coax or optical solutions that have been optimized to meet a variety of needs.

The frequency range bandwidth has a value of 1550-1610 MHz, a noise figure of less than 5 decibels, and the compact unit’s dimensions are 11.5 inches, by 16.5 inches, by 3.5 inches.

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