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EndRun Releases GPS-Synchronized RTM3205 Precision Timing Module

WEB_EndRun RTM3205 Precision Timing Module.jpgRTM3205 Precision Timing Module. Photo source: EndRun Technologies.
February 6, 2017

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Santa Rosa, California-based EndRun Technologies, a provider of precision time and frequency solutions, announced last week at the International Technical Meeting-Precision Time/Time Interval (ITM-PTTI) meeting, the release of the RTM3205 Precision Timing Module for portable time and frequency applications. The second generation RTM3205 is optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP), but can exceed the stability of a standard cesium atomic frequency reference, according to the company.

The GPS-synchronized RTM3205 is based on EndRun’s Meridian II Precision TimeBase instrument providing a subset of outputs with the same accuracy, stability, and ultra-low phase noise. For ultimate performance, EndRun’s Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections are available to directly measure and compensate for the ionospheric delay of received GPS signals in real-time.

The network-centric RTM3205 provides a dual-gigabit Ethernet interface supporting a high-bandwidth Stratum 1 Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, optional IEEE 1588 – Precision Time Protocol (PTP) grandmaster, and secure management.

“The versatile RTM3205 Precision Timing Module is a consolidation of EndRun’s state-of-the-art time and frequency technologies in a small, thermal efficient module.” said Michael Korreng, senior R&D engineer, EndRun Technologies.  “Customers can now easily integrate this high-performance, time and frequency module into portable and tactical systems.”

Key RTM3205 performance specifications with Real-time Ionospheric Corrections and an Ultra-Stable OCXO include:
•    Time accuracy of <10 nanoseconds RMS to UTC(USNO)
•    Frequency accuracy better than 4x10-14 (1 day average)
•    Short-term stability <5.1x10-13 at 1 second
•    Ultra-low phase noise 10 megahertz (<-110 dBc @ 1 Hz offset)
•    Dual-gigabit Ethernet with a Stratum 1 NTP server (7500 packets per second)
•    IEEE 1588 PTP grandmaster option
•    Low power <10 watts

More from ION’s ITM-PTTI Meeting
Also at the Institute of Navigation’s ITM-PTTI meeting last week in Monterey, California, EndRun discussed its Real-Time Ionospheric Corrections (RTIC) Option. The Meridian II and Tycho II Precision TimeBase instruments can be configured with the RTIC Option, which uses proprietary algorithms within EndRun’s L1 GPS timing receiver to measure and remove ionospheric delays in real-time that optimize stability and accuracy.
This real-time capability was previously only available with more expensive dual frequency L1/L2 GPS receivers, according to the company.

The performance gain of the RTIC Option was verified at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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