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Inside GNSS magazine • Volume 12 Number 5

September/October 2017

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Cover Story

Systemic Jamming

A look at the threat of systemic jamming of GNSS

This article represents only a very preliminary examination of the concept on mitigating the threat of systemic jamming of GNSS, but does seem to highlight the fact that it may be naïve to assume that the jamming threat will not evolve in reaction to anti-jamming technology.

Technical Article

A Fresh Look at GNSS Anti-Jamming

Addressing common approaches for interference mitigation and framing them with respect to the principles of Interference Cancellation (IC) and robust estimation.

Although strong jamming can overwhelm much weaker GNSS signals, receiver performance can be significantly improved by implementing interference mitigation techniques.

Technical Article

Consumer Mass Market Accelerometers for GNSS Anti-Spoofing

A novel GNSS spoofing detection method via direct comparison of acceleration using commercial inertial sensors.

These results provide good indication that a low cost IMU can be useful for spoofing detection during critical phases of flight.


GSA's GNSS Opinion Leaders

Enrico Salvatori: Europe pushes forward on 5G and multi-constellation GNSS

Enrico Salvatori explains how Qualcomm is leveraging multiple GNSS constellations, including Galileo, to create a broad range of powerful modem and application processor portfolios.

Columns & Editorials
Thinking Aloud

Ensuring PNT for All

Securing GNSS Assets

We can probably assume that the trend toward GNSS disruption will only get worse.

Washington View

GPS III Contest At Hand But Context has Shifted Sharply

GNSS Solutions

How do you use GNSS to compute the attitude of an object?

GNSS & the Law

IMO and the GNSS

Navigating the Seas

The International Maritime Organization continues to oversee the world-wide radionavigation system and play a role in recognizing systems that may be developed in the future. This article addresses how the development of GNSS has enabled a leap forward in the accuracy standards required of such systems.

Working Papers

Location Privacy Challenges and Solutions

Part 1: GNSS localization

This article presents an overview of the location privacy challenges in indoor and outdoor localization and tracking with various wireless technologies.

GNSS Hotspots

GNSS Hotspots

Tree-planting and fast-food-delivering drones, laser mapping the landscape, and tough testing for Galileo

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