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Günter W. Hein


Prof.-Dr. Günter Hein is a member of the European Commission’s Galileo Signal Task Force and founder of the annual Munich Satellite Navigation Summit. In December 2008, he was appointed head of EGNOS and GNSS Evolution Programme Department at the European Space Agency, and continues to advise on scientific aspects of the Navigation Directorate as well as being a member the ESA Overall High Level Science Advisory Board.

Previous­ly, he was a full professor and director of the Insti­tute of Geodesy and Navigation at the Universität der Bundeswehr München (UniBW), where he is now an ““Emeritus of Excellence.” In 2002 he received the prestigious Johannes Kepler Award from the U.S. Institute of Navigation (ION) for “sustained and significant contributions to satellite navigation.” He is one of the inventors of the CBOC signal.

He is a contributing editor to Inside GNSS and coordinates the column Working Papers.

March/April 2017

Codeless Code Tracking

January/February 2017

Interference Localization from Space

November/December 2016

Interference Localization from Space

September/October 2016

Design Drivers and New Trends for Navigation Message Authentication Schemes for GNSS Systems

May/June 2016

GNSS Evolutions for Maritime

March/April 2016

Galileo & EGNOS Evolution

March/April 2016

Combined Architecture

January/February 2016

GNSS Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems

November/December 2015

Code Shift Keying

July/August 2015

More Than We Ever Dreamed Possible

May/June 2015

Double Phase Estimator

March/April 2015

Estimating Ionospheric Delay Using GPS/Galileo Signals in the E5 Band

January/February 2015

From Data Schemes to Supersonic Codes

September/October 2014

Developing an Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Receiver

July/August 2014

Assessing the Performance of GNSS Signal Acquisition

May/June 2014

Collective Detection of Multi-GNSS Signals

March/April 2014

Fast and Flexible

January/February 2014

Design of a GNSS Acquisition-Aiding Signal

November/December 2013

Finding the Right Algorithm

September/October 2013

Measuring High Bandwidth GNSS Signals for Indoor Positioning

July/August 2013

Integrity for Aviation

March/April 2013

Assessing GNSS Data Message Performance

January/February 2013

Galileo Altimetry Using AltBOC and RTK Techniques

November/December 2012

Navipedia — The GNSS Wiki

September/October 2012

Exploiting the Galileo E5 Wideband Signal

July/August 2012

Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Positioning

May/June 2012

Difference Correlators

March/April 2012

Peer-to-Peer Cooperative Positioning

November/December 2011

The Digital TV Case

September/October 2007

The MBOC Modulation

January/February 2006

Limits of Compatibility: Combining Galileo PRS and GPS M-Code

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