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Successful Launch on May 21 for ISRO's GAGAN Navigation Satellite

GAGAN on Ariane-5 launch Arianespace.jpgThe GAGAN payload on GSAT-8 communications satellite takes off via an Airane-5 launcher on May 21 (Arianespace photo)
May 22, 2011

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India's first GAGAN navigation payload on the GSAT-8 communications satellite was launched successfuly at 02:08 hrs IST on Saturday, May 21 2011, according to the Indian Satellite Research Organization (ISRO)

The satellite was carried by an Ariane-V launch vehicle from the European space center in Korou, French Guiana.

This is the first successful launch for India's satellite-based regional GPS Augmentation System (SBAS). India gave the system the acronym GAGAN, for GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation.

On Sunday, ISRO noted that the geosychronous orbit of the satellite has been raised
to 15,786 km at perigee and 35,768 km at apogee.

The statement said, "The inclination of the orbit along the equatorial plane has been
reduced 0.5 degree from 2.5 degree when entering the orbit." 

GAGAN is designed to function for 12 years. It will operate in L1 and L5 bands and will be co-located with the INSAT-3E satellite.

GAGAN will be used for increased accuracy and reliability of civil aviation navigation.


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