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August 10, 2010

Aldacom Offers GPS/Linux PC/GPRS Breadboard

Aldacom GmbH, of Neu-Isenburg, Germany, recently announced the debut of the AldaLogic C10/3, a breadboard containing an embedded Linux PC on a surface measuring 104 x 63 millimeters.

The unit also contains a Quad-band GPRS module and SiRF3 GPS module, as well as interfaces for USB, RS232 and Ethernet components. An SD-card reader enables expansion of the standard 4 Mb of flash memory.

New Builds • August 10, 2010

Baseband GPS Receiver Designed for Ultra-Rapid Position Fix

Baseband Technologies Inc., of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, recently announced the launch of its Deep-R technology, which the company says is capable of capturing a GPS position using two milliseconds of I/Q samples.

New Builds • August 10, 2010

Firmware Update for NovAtel L1 OEMStar Receiver

NovAtel Inc. recently announced the release of Version 1.011 firmware for its L1 OEMStar GNSS (GPS+GLONASS+SBAS) receiver, which the company says is designed to provide improved PDP and GL1DE filter performance, improved satellite tracking in low signal level environments, improved satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) performance when operating outside of the standard grid map, and improved time to first fix.

New Builds • August 10, 2010

Spectracom Launches GSG-54 8-Channel Simulator

Spectracom has introduced a new eight-channel GPS constellation simulator, the Pendulum GSG-54.

Designed to provide a wide-range of capabilities for in-line production testing of devices integrating GPS receivers, according to the company, the simulator features ease-of-operation, fast test cycles, and versatility in supporting the integration of GPS receivers into devices under development. The unit’s bench-top chassis is designed to be compact, portable, and easy to set up.

Ventures • August 6, 2010

Edinburgh's SELEX Galileo to Supply Atomic Clocks for 14 Galileo Satellites

SELEX Galileo, an Edinburgh, Scotland company, has signed a €30 million contract with with Surrey Satellite Technology LTD (SSTL) to supply PHM atomic clocks for all 14 Galileo FOC (full operational capability) satellites.

The PHM-Passive Hydrogen Maser- clock is the most stable for space
applications and has been tested successfully in GIOVE-B, the Galileo
system's second validation satellite, which was launched in 2008. 

New Builds • July 26, 2010

CSR Launches SiRFatlasV Aimed at Consumer Devices

CSR has introduced the SiRFatlasV multifunction GPS system processor, a system-on-chip (SoC) device designed for integration into high-volume consumer navigation and location-aware products.

New Builds • July 24, 2010

New GPS Module from Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless, headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, has announced the availability of a new GPS module and supporting software, optimized for wireless applications based on Sierra Wireless AirPrime Intelligent Embedded Modules.

The new AirPrime XM0110 GPS Module is based on integrated SiRFstarIV GPS technology from CSR plc, and an OEM design optimized for wireless asset tracking and automotive applications.

New Builds • July 23, 2010

Hemisphere Launches GPS Vector II OEM Board

Hemisphere GPS has announced its Crescent Vector II OEM board and a series of related Crescent Vector II GPS compass products.

The new OEM board, targeted for system integrators, brings a series of new features to the company’s patented Crescent receiver technology, including heave, pitch, and roll output; more accurate timing, lower phase noise, and an improved accelerometer.

The Crescent Vector II design provides precise heading and positioning accuracy even while a mobile platform is motionless.

New Builds • July 22, 2010

Topcon Releases Software for IP

Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has announced the release of Spatial Factory software.

The software interface allows users to work with the combination of point cloud, trajectory, and panoramic image data that comes from the Topcon IP-S2 3D mobile mapping system.

July 21, 2010

Topcon Promotes O’Connor to Managing Executive Officer

Topcon Corporation has announced the promotion of Ray O’Connor to managing executive officer for the company.  

O’Connor is president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS), based in Livermore, California, and chairman of the board of Topcon Europe Positioning. He will continue to fill these and other positions within the corporation while taking on additional managerial oversight of various corporate projects and initiatives.

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