Robustness Improvements for the PVT Solution via Consideration of GLONASS in a GNSS Software Defined Receiver

An open source implementation of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) software receiver targeting the Globalnaya Navigatsionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS) L1 C/A signal addition is presented.

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GNSS Opinion Leaders – Manuel Del Castillo

Manuel Del Castillo – Broadcom pushing GNSS chipset boundaries

High-tech standout Broadcom has sold over one billion GNSS chipsets worldwide, leveraging all major global satellite navigation constellations and the full range of GNSS features, including Galileo’s dual-frequency and innovative BOC modulation capabilities.

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Brexit and Galileo – Plenty of Rumblings, but Where’s the Beef?

The UK seems well and truly on the path to leaving the European Union. The implications for the Galileo program are still unclear, and won’t be known until Brexit negotiations are completed, at the earliest.

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Ligado Fight Comes Down to Choice of Interference Standard

There was a flurry of filings July 9 just as the window closed for public comment on Ligado Networks’ proposal to repurpose satellite frequencies for a terrestrial network — a plan with the potential to interfere with GPS receivers.

The comments emerged as speculation swirled around a July 3 bid by EchoStar for Ligado spectrum supplier INMARSAT. The bid was rejected and, as of press time, EchoStar will have to wait six months before trying again.

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GNSS Hotspots – Pipeline Inspecting Blimp, Remote Control Fireboats, Cereal-Box Satellite and More

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